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Cacti Culture Prickles of Pride

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Genre:Hobbies & Home
Language: English
Release: January 11, 2016
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About the Book

This book offers everything that a novice would like to know: Advice on creating show plants Steps to cultivate and propagate cacti under Indian climatic conditions Steps to create tray garden and bottle garden FAQs that arise during the process of cultivating cacti If thorns bring bad luck, then universal garden favorites such as roses and bougainvilleas that need so much care and attention and resemble thorny bushes for a major part of the year should be abandoned. On the contrary, cactus appears attractive all the year round, even when it’ s not flowering. Don’ t shun cacti because of their thorns; there are many cactus species without thorns and are much sought after by gardening enthusiasts and are a collector’ s delight!