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Black in Time The Most Awesome Black Britons from Yesterday to Today

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Genre:History for Kids
Language: English
Release: June 09, 2022
Dimensions:5.06 x 7.81 x 0.67 inches
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About the Book

Hiya! Alison Hammond here! I love getting to know all about different people and I'll tell you a secret . . . sometimes people we don't know much about are the most interesting of all! Which is really what this book is all about. Let me ask you a question: How many Black people can you name from our history? Mary Seacole? Ira Aldridge? George Bridgetower? Pablo Fanque?Walter Tull? Have you heard of these people? Yes? That's great! But if you haven't, don't worry, you're not alone, which is why I'm so excited to tell you all about them. Because the people in this book should be totally famous given the AMAZING things they've done! And we're not going to stop in the past, I'll introduce you to people making waves right here and now! From sportspeople to scientists, activists to musicians, politicians to writers, we're going to meet a whole bunch of AWESOME people who have helped shape the world we live in. So, are ready for you a journey Black in time?? Course you are, let's go!