Biman Bidroha

विमान विद्रोह: एउटा राजनीतिक अपहरणको बयान

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Genre: Political Memoirs
Language: Nepali
Published: August 18, 2018


Origin: Nepal
ISBN13: 9789937043717
ISBN10: 9937043719
Pages: 302

About the Book

During the seventies, Nepal witnessed its first aircraft hijack that was aimed against the then royal regime. Biman Bidroha is a book written by the leader of that mission as well as a senior leader of the democratic movement Durga Subedi. The writer has given a thrilling detail of the hijacking and many other important political turmoil. This memoir not only tells the history of Nepali Congress, BP Koirala, and the movement against the authoritarian Panchayat system but also explains the beginning of the peace process with the Maoists.