Biman Bidroha (विमान विद्रोह: एउटा राजनीतिक अपहरणको बयान)

by Durga Subedi

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Kitab Publishers
Genre: Auto/ Biography
Language: Nepali
Origin: Nepal
ISBN13: 9789937043717
ISBN10: 9937043719
Pages: 302
Published: 2075

In the book, Democratic movement fighter Durga Subedi has chronicled his experience of hijacking an aircraft for political purposes—the one and only incident of hijacking the political aircraft in Nepal. Subedi along with Basanta Bhattarai and Nagendra Dhungel had hijacked an aircraft belonging to Nepal Airlines Corporation in 1973 to rob IRS 30 million of Rastrya Bank to fund Nepali Congress (NC)’s armed struggle against Panchayati System.