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Adi Parva

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Genre:Graphic Novel
Language: English
Release: April 17, 2018


Dimensions:6.38 x 9.33 x 1.1 inches
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About the Book

Adi Parva is a graphic novel based on the Mahabharat and the oral tradition of ancient India.

Adi Parva draws from the classic Sanskrit epic, the Mahabharat, and the Vishnu Purana. In it, the celestial river Ganga narrates the events from the beginning of time. The story is played out by a medley of characters ranging from gods to sages, queens to seers, hermits to seductresses and kings to warriors as they come together in this graphic retelling of Hindu mythology. This epic graphic novel depicts timeless events such as the churning of the sea, the snake sacrifice of Janmejaya and the first time the queen Gandhari wears a blindfold. The book combines breath-taking art with classic storytelling to paint the picture of a tale which has inspired and guided several hundred generations of people throughout the history of India.