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A Stranger in the Mirror

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Language: English
Dimensions:4.37 x 7.01 x 0.91 inches
Weight:180 g
Published: July 12, 1993

About the Book

From humble beginnings, Toby Temple becomes a superstar. He knows what he wants – and he always makes sure he gets what he wants. He is the world's funniest comedian, loved by presidents, lusted after by women. But, deep down, he yearns for love and stability. Jill Castle has always been an outsider, desperate to be accepted. Despite her great beauty, she finds breaking into Hollywood as an actress impossible without auditioning on the Directors' infamous casting couches. But, with one glance, Toby falls for Jill's beauty and sweeps her out of obscurity to stardom by his side. Now, she can get the revenge she has always longed for…